Viola Clausnitzer, PhD

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For my Diploma (ecology, biogeography and conservation biology, recieved 1996, Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany) I studied the behavioural ecology of rain forest dragonflies in Kenya. After that I worked about the population ecology and biogeography of afroalpine rodents in East Africa for my PhD (finished in 2000).

My post-doc work brought me be back to African dragonflies. Since 2000 I have been working as project coordinator on various topics concerning the ecology, biodiversity, biogeography and taxonomy of African dragonflies.

This has always been in close contact with local and international organisations, like IUCN (International Union for Nature Conservation), ICIPE (International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology), UWA (Ugandan Wildlife Authority), KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) and NMK (National Museums of Kenya).

Over the last years I have also worked on a freelance basis with the IUCN on conservation issues (e.g. global red listing) and regional and global assessments of dragonflies (check: earth news, red list 2008, global assessment).